about us

Kowsar Complex is a diagnostic and research center in the private sector of the country. The complex includes Dr. Zeinli’s Medical Genetics Laboratory, the Kowsar Human Genetics Research Center (licensed by the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology), and the Kowsar Biotechnology Company, where young and elite professionals are actively engaged. This knowledge-based center is under the supervision of Dr. Cyrus Zeinli.


The Medical Genetics Laboratory encompasses reception, sample collection, genetic counseling, purification, prenatal diagnosis, electrophoresis, identity determination, karyotype, sequence determination, bioinformatics, MLPA, QF, GA, PGD, and a research section.


With over 22 years of experience and a staff of more than 80 experienced and skilled personnel, advanced and modern equipment, the laboratory has become renowned as the largest and most well-equipped medical genetics laboratory in the country. In collaboration with the Kowsar Human Genetics Research Center (private), this laboratory provides a unique and efficient collection based on superior technologies to offer the best and most accurate genetic diagnostic services to valued clients and the medical community.


Utilizing various diagnostic methods such as DNA Sequencing, STR-based linkage analysis, Fragment analysis, QF-PCR, MLPA, as well as molecular identity determination and other molecular diagnostic methods, the laboratory ensures the accuracy of results for dear families, health planners, and esteemed physicians in the country.

آزمایشگاه زینلی

Accuracy and speed in diagnosis, adherence to the principle of responsiveness or customer-centricity, and compliance with the highest diagnostic standards are the hallmarks of this center. The presence of the least errors in exchange for the highest accuracy, conducting the most diagnoses for carriers or prenatally for diseases such as Thalassemia-Beta, Thalassemia-Alpha, Cystic Fibrosis, Hemophilia A and B, and other hereditary bleeding disorders, PKU, and several other diseases in our country, make the future brighter.

The reputation of this laboratory among respected physicians and health centers nationwide is primarily due to the precision and confidence in the results it provides. However, alongside this, we consider respecting the rights of patients and treating them with dignity as a fundamental principle.

In addition to providing laboratory services, this center has always been active in the research field, and the reports of these activities have been presented in reputable scientific journals and various congresses. You can view the list of published articles resulting from the research activities of this center